Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week #3

Our week started out rough for Harper, Camden and myself. We were all sick! Runny nose, cough, body aches, sick! I dubbed it a pajama day. The only reason we left was to get a coke (because this was the only way I was going to survive) from McDonald's. I brought Camden's train out to the living room and had to build a barricade to block the youngest one off from it

I also dressed Harper up for the fun. At least one of us looked put together and cute!

Tuesday Grandma Huston came over to watch Camden while I took Harper to get her half year pictures done. Harper did great a pictures a really charmed us with her great big smile! 
Harper also tried her first cheese puff...the baby kind of course. She didn't quite know what to think of it at first, but now she loves them! I have been trying to give her more finger foods these past couple of weeks because she is not a fan of baby food, we both aren't this time around. Camden always devoured his food. It doens't seem to be Harper's thing. We're working on it though.

She also has started to stand up to things and pulling herself up on toys. She's growing up so fast...I swear she just went from seven months old to a year.

I am currently trying to find my balance of being a mom and also having some crafts and stuff I can do in my "free" time. A.K.A- nap time or bed time. We decided to open up our pillow shop on etsy again. I made a cute pillow for Harper, Camden, and my new nephew Cole this week. I am quite proud with how they turned out. 

Wednesday Night we headed to Costco. For no real reason. I wanted to walk around. Camden wanted pizza, so it only made sense for us to go :) Thursday night we headed in to meet with the bishopric. One of got a calling...which I'll write about next week. 

Our weekend was pretty laid back...We slept in. Watched Disney movie. And were total couch potatoes for the most part. 

Saturday, we made it Cheesecake Factory. Just John, myself and these two crazy kids. We braved lunch with Camden not in a high chair. He did pretty well. And Harper only manged to spill her entire bottle all down her shirt...baby girl was soaked all lunch long. She is smart, this girl. We underestimate the things she is capable of. She twisted the lid off her bottle, which caused the entire mess. But she was Happy for the most part. 

After lunch, we put Harper down for a nap. John took down our Christmas lights outside because the snow was melted and the sun was out, and Camden and I lounged on the couch and watched Aristocats. 

Sunday, we slept in until 9:45am!!! Thats a big celebration! Especially with two crazy kids. We were all beat. Obviously. We skipped church. It was Stake Conference and well..we don't attempt that with two little kids. Then we headed to the Huston's to celebrate Grandpa Brian's birthday. Camden played with choo choo's. Harper played with all her favorite toys and the rest of us lounged around after stuffing our faces. 

We're home now, Here's to another week!

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